Ebola: FG rolls out $41m for post-containment, prevention, control

In a concerted effort to prevent the resurgence of Ebola Virus Disease  (EVD) in Nigeria, the Federal Government has evolved a 41 million dollar-plan for the post-containment preparedness, prevention and control of the disease.

The Supervising Minister and Minister of State for Health, Khaliru Alhassan, disclosed this in far away Brussels, Belgium, while giving an address at the European Union (EU) High-level International Conference on Ebola.

The EU High-Level International Conference on Ebola was organised to take stock of the fight against the outbreak, coordinate further action for the total eradication of the disease and discuss the recovery process in countries, which have been most affected by the disease

Alhassan, however, called on the European Union (EU) to support the concept of medical diplomacy with concrete long term solutions in the health sector, which can help strengthen health infrastructure and systems of developing nations, especially those nations in which the economy and healthcare systems had been affected adversely by the outbreak of the virus.

According to a statement by Ayo Adesugba, the Director of Press of the Health Ministry, the minister observed that the concept of medical diplomacy has emerged strongly in recent times due to frequent outbreaks of diseases with great pandemic potential.

While sharing Nigeria’s experience and ability to speedily contain the Ebola Virus Disease, the minister attributed Nigeria’s success to “strong government leadership; effective control measures put in place to interrupt transmission of the virus; collaboration among the various tiers of government; robust multi-sectoral cooperation; early community engagement and aggressive public enlightenment.”

The Alhassan also stressed that close collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centres for Disease Control, (CDC), EU CDC, China CDC, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) and other development partners, as well as civil society groups, was paramount in containing the disease.

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