Jonathan insincere about fight against corruption, insurgency – Buhari

Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) Wednesday, accused President Goodluck Jonathan of insincerity in the fight against corruption and the scourge of insecurity in the North East states.

Buhari however assured once again that if elected president, his administration will tackle the scourge of corruption and insecurity in the country effectively.

Buhari-JonathanSpeaking at a town hall meeting with security experts in Abuja, Buhari disclosed that his administration will be ready to deliver a marshalled plan that will nip in the bud, the problems on insurgency, terrorism, ethnic and religious violence.

“I have had the opportunity to serve my country in the military up to the highest level, as a Major General and as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. In the course of my service, I had defended the territorial integrity of Nigeria and if called upon to do so again, I shall rise to the occasion.

“As a father, I feel the pain of the victims of insurgency, kidnapping and violence, under my watch, no force, external or internal; will occupy even an inch of Nigerian soil. I will give it all it takes to ensure that our girls kidnapped from Chibok are rescued and reintegrated with their families.”

While speaking on the problem of corruption and how he intends to tackle it, the APC presidential candidate stated that corruption at all levels, could only be tackled if the leaders lead by example by not engaging in the act.

He promised to show personal leadership in the war against corruption and also hold all the people who work with him accountable.

Buhari also promised to pay special attention to the welfare of the armed forces and other security agencies  stressing that it will go a long away in boosting their morals to do their jobs effectively.

“We will ensure that we give special attention to the welfare of our armed forces and all other security personnel and their families, including state guaranteed life insurance for all officer and men as well as protect, the families of our fallen heroes,” he promised.

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