Operator warns against using licence for illegal purposes

The Chief Executive Officer of Overland Airways, Capt Edward Boyo,  has said that airline operators must not only obey laid down regulations but  that they  should also ensure  that the licences and certificates issued them by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority(NCAA) are used for the purposes they were approved for and not engage in illegal operations.

Captain Edward Boyo

Captain Edward Boyo

Boyo’s warning is coming on the heels of the running battle between NCAA and 22 private jet owners, who were given Airline Operator’s Certificates (AOCs) to carry out private operation, but instead were allegedly using it for revenue operation.

He said this while presenting a paper titled, “Business Aviation Marketplace: Regulation, Growth and Opportunities” at the Aviation Executive Business (AEB) organised by Aviation Ministry in Lagos.

Business aviation, he said is major contributor to economic growth and development and should be given adequate political support to thrive, adding that to move the aviation industry forward, policy and regulation should be reviewed and implemented, where the regulators also get enhanced capacity and funding.

Boyo stated that there is need to continually enhance the processing of flight permits and related documentations and that all stakeholders should work towards improved funding, insurance and other supports for business aviation in Nigeria.

He posited that to drive safely, capacity development and safety management systems where applicable, should be emphasised among business aviation operators

NCAA ,the Overland boss said, should beef up its technical capacity to strengthen its regulatory oversight, providing for adequate capacity,while security regulation should be shored up in the face of emerging threats.

He also recommended  that  the Federal Government should strengthen the enforcement of regulation and policies to ensure fair play in the business aviation sector and that  operators should  contribute to the development of local capacity

Other recommendations made by Capt Boyo , are that periodically, business aviation policy and regulation should be reviewed in line with current global practice and dynamism of the industry, registration and that adequate capacity, security regulation should be beefed up in the face of emerging threats.

The  Overland Airways Chief Executive Officer said that the  effectiveness of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations (NCARs) is dependent on NCAA’s overall capacity and capabilities, as well as the willingness among operators to comply with NCAA regulation.

He, however, pointed out that the major area of difficulty and resistance to NCAA regulation is the use of licences and certificates for unapproved operations e.g. using licences for private operation to carry out commercial operations

This, Boyo said has prompted the NCAA to issue directives to operators to regularise their licences and certificates and streamline their operations

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