Govt officials escape mob attack in Umuahia

The Environmental Monitoring Team led by the Permanent Secretary in Abia State Ministry of Environment, Elder Okechukwu Aguwa, narrowly escaped being lynched by some headstrong youths, who were playing football while the state sanitation exercise was in progress at the weekend.

Eyewitness revealed that the monitoring team, which included journalists, on getting to Ibeku by Uwalaka Road ran into the youths who were busy playing football while the state’s rescheduled sanitation exercise was in progress. It was gathered that at arrival, members of the team intercepted the football being played by the youths.

Noticing that the people in possession of their ball were sanitation officers, some of the youths took to their heels but were later discouraged in doing so by some older ones playing alongside.

In a matter of seconds, the regrouped youths now armed with stones and sticks started advancing furiously to the monitoring team who had disembarked from their vehicles including the permanent secretary.

Smelling the looming danger, while the youths advanced, the permanent secretary and other members of the team quickly ran into their already steaming vehicles, while the youths ran after the moving vehicles, hulling stones and sticks.

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