Buhari declares winner of the 2015 presidential elections


The Independent National Electoral Commission( INEC) has declared General Mohammadu Buhari , candidate of the All People Congress winner of the 2015 Presidential elections. He polled a total 15,416,221 of the popular votes, thus defeating his closest rival, President Goodluck Jonathan of the People Democratic Party. Who polled 12,853,162 votes.

In Borno State, the APC led with 473,543 against PDP which polled 256,40

In Delta State, the PDP led with 1,211,405 against APC which scored 1,473

In Sokoto, the APC beat PDP by 671,926 to 152,199.

In Taraba, the PDP led with 310,800 against APC’s score of 261,326.

In Adamawa State, the result released shows that the APC led the PDP with 374,701 to 251,664

In Zamfara State, the APC scored 612,202 to win the PDP which scored 144,833.

In Kebbi State, the APC won with 567,883 against PDP’s 100,972.

The APC also won in Benue State with 373,961 against the PDP score of 303,737.

In Edo State, the PDP led with 286,869 against 208,469.

In Yobe State, the APC polled 446,265 against the PDP’s score of 25,526.

In Bauchi, the APC led with 931,598 against PDP’s 86,085.

In Ebonyi, APC scored 657,678 while the PDP had 149, 222.

In Niger State, APC scored 657,678 against PDP’s 149,222.

Also, in Lagos State, the APC led with 792,460 against the PDP which polled 632,327.

In Bayelsa, the PDP scored 361,209 votes to beat the APC which had 4,194 votes.

In Gombe State, APC won with 361,245 against PDP’s 96,873.

In Cross River State, PDP won with 414,863 against APC’s 28,368.

In Rivers, PDP led with 1,487,075 against APC’s 69,238.

In Plateau State, the PDP had 509,615 against APC’s 429,140.

In Imo, the PDP won the presidential election with 559,185 against APC’s 133,253.

In Akwa Ibom, the PDP won with a landslide of 953,304 against APC’s 58,411

In Kano State, APC floored PDP by winning the presidential election at a record 1,903,999 against PDP’s 215,779.

In Jigawa State, APC won with 885,988 against PDP’s 142,904.

In Katsina State, the home state of Buhari, APC scored 1,345,441 against PDP’s 98,937.

In Kwara, APC led with 302,146 against PDP’s 132,602.

In Kaduna, APC led with 1,127,760 against PDP’s 484,085.

In Anambra, the PDP won with 660,762 against APC’s 17,926.

In Abia State, APC scored 13,394 while PDP scored 368,303 to claim victory.

Ogun state’s total registered voters was given as 1709409 while the number of accredited voters was 594,975. The total result showed that APC scored 308,290 while PDP scored 207,950.

Areas of Ogun where elections did not hold include Imeko Afon, and Abeokuta North.

In Ekiti, PDP scored 176,466 to win over APC which scored 120,331.

In Enugu, PDP scored a landslide with 553,003 against APC’s 14,157.

In Kogi, APC scored 264,851 while PDP scored 149,987.

In Osun, APC scored 383,603 while PDP scored 249,929.

In the state, elections were cancelled in areas including Irepodun,Ife South,Ife East,Iwo,Orolu,Irewole,Boluwaduro, and Atakumosa.

In Ondo State, APC won by 299,889 against PDP’s 251,368.

Registered voters in the state was 1,501,549 while accredited voters were 618,040 according to Prof. Olusola Oyewole, the Returning Officer for the state.

At the Federal Capital Territory with 344, 056 accredited voters, APC got 146, 399 while the PDP scored 157, 195 meaning that the PDP won the presidential election in Nigeria’s capital.

In Oyo State, the Returning Officer, Professor Ayobami Salami, announced that the APC won with 528,620 against PDP’s 303,376.

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