Eminent Nigerians set agenda for Buhari

Eminent Nigerians on Thursday set agenda for the President- elect, Muhammadu Buhari, and his incoming administration to reposition the country for greatness without delay.

The responses were however that of mixed feelings because while some  have great expectations for the incoming government, others said it might not offer much compared to what the country has always had.

Buhari and Osibanjo

Former Governor of Kaduna State, Balarabe Musa, in his reaction said  Nigerians should not expect much from the Buhari administration because the change promised during the electioneering campaign was cosmetic and not realistic.

“My expectations from Buhari are not very much because the change they promised was cosmetic. It is not qualitative. It is just a mere change from PDP one to PDP two. There is no qualitative change at all. The vision remains the same; there is no even change in the style.

“So, Nigerians should not expect much. The fact that the election took place is a good thing. Also, the acceptance of defeat by the president means Nigerians can shame those imperialists who were forecasting on the end of Nigeria after the 215 election,” he said.

To constitutional lawyer, Itse Sagay (SAN), the incoming government should focus on short-term and medium-term goals, which if strictly adhered to and well-implemented would help Nigeria attain a level of acceptable development.

“They should focus on security, the economy and the fight against corruption.  They should also focus on middle-term things like infrastructure, building new refineries so that we don’t have to import petroleum products in a country that produces petroleum; taking care of our roads, electricity and other infrastructures, and also education and health”.

“On the longer term, he should have a development plan, a programme which could be a five-year term or ten-year development plan which we have to follow and at the end of it, we can just go on until we achieve an acceptable level of development,” he said.

To the Labour Party (LP), the task before the president-elect is to fulfill his campaign promises to Nigerians.

National Secretary of the party, Kayode Ajulo, said if Buhari can fulfill a fraction of what he promised Nigerians, Nigeria would be a better place for all to live.

“Fulfilment of his campaign promises, which are so long; if the new government can fulfill just a fraction of it, Nigeria will be better off and it shall be well with the country. They promised change and both the low and the mighty are seriously expectant to see what they have to offer”.

Igbo Think-Tank, Aka Ikenga, on its part, urged Buhari  to continue with the fine pattern laid by the outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan by ensuring the continued peace and stability of Nigeria

President of the group, Goddy Uwazurike, in a chat with Daily Independent also admonished the president-elect not to witch-hunt his political opponents but work with them so as to propel the country to grater heights.

“I expect peace which has already been initiated by the outgoing president with the way he congratulated the president-elect, which is unprecedented in Nigeria. I expect the president-elect to carry on with that momentum so that all parts of Nigeria will be carried along”.

“ This is not the time for personal development, personal appointments or for vindictive action.  It is time to unite the country so that things will work. He must see the country as one,” he said.

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