Gani Adams tasked on six million votes he promised Jonathan

The National Coordinating Council of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) has asked the National Coordinator of the congress, Otunba Gani Adams, to explain what happened to the deal he allegedly had with President Goodluck Jonathan and the six million votes he promised the President.

Gani Adams

Gani Adams

In a statement by spokesman of the council, Adesina Akinpelu, in Ibadan, the OPC council noted that one of the factors that contributed to Jonathan’s defeat in South West was the President’s romance with characters like Adams.

Akinpelu also described his own purported suspension from the congress “over unsubstantiated allegations of working for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)” as laughable.

He insisted that he remained as active member of the OPC at both national levels and in Oyo State in particular.

Akinpelu argued that as one of the founding fathers of OPC, he (Akinpelu) had contributed in many ways to the liberation of the Yoruba race from the shackles of oppressors, and that it was based on this principle that he himself and “some conscious members of the congress decided to challenge Adams’ decision to sacrifice the Yoruba race for pecuniary gains”.

While accusing Adams of turning the OPC into his personal fiefdom and sowing the ember of disunity among members, Akinpelu vowed that the National Coordinating Council of OPC will liberate the congress from Adams and will not allow him to start another internal war within the congress.

His words: “We are not in any way against President Jonathan from coming back if that is what Nigerians want, but what we are against is mortgaging the future of Yoruba race by Gani Adams who we have discovered is only after his own interest and not the interests of members of this group.”

The National Coordinating Council of OPC spokesman expressed surprise at “the salacious remark” by Adams while responding to the victory of General Muhammadu Buhari after the March 28 Presidential election.

Adams had described Buhari’s emergence as the will of God.

According to Akinpelu, “Like a man who seems not to have any decency left in him, he made a fast U-turn on Buhari, the man he once detested. Now in the word of Gani Adams, Buhari has become another god to be worshiped for pecuniary gains. He described Buhari as Nigeria’s Abraham Lincoln.”

Akinpelu added: “In as much as we are not against anybody or group from congratulating the President-elect, we are only using this medium to further showcase the real Gani Adams, an opportunist using OPC for selfish purposes.

“Here is a man who for selfish purpose danced naked in the market square when he staged a macabre protest calling for the removal of Professor Attahiru Jega as the Chairman of INEC.

“Today, that same Jega that Gani Adams called many names is now a man of the moment.

However, Secretary General of the OPC, Tanimowo Babajide, insisted that Akinpelu cannot ask Gani Adams to explain what happened to the deal with the President.

Reacting to Akinpelu’s statement, Babajide claimed that he (Akinpelu) has never been a member of the National Coordinating Council of OPC, and therefore, cannot speak on behalf of the council.

According to him, the council, which is the second decision making organ of the congress, comprises 120 leaders of the OPC, and all the members of the council are fully in support of Adams.


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