Mbu traces election success to threat to retaliate killing of policemen

The Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Zone 2, comprising Lagos and Ogun States, Mbu Joseph Mbu has commended the peaceful election in Lagos State saying that the maturity exhibited by Lagosians could be traced to his threat to political thugs and their sponsors. Before the elections, Mbu was alleged to have threatened that the Police would retaliate by killing 20 people for every policeman attacked during the election.


Mbu who personally monitored the governorship and House of Assembly election in Lagos State election last Saturday  said, “the exercise was peaceful, in fact, all the centres l visited with all of you, you can see for yourself, Lagosians were very mature, very orderly, no incident at all to report.

The AIG however admitted there was a problem in Ikorodu between the Navy personnel and indigenes there, saying it was quickly resolved.

He however condemned persons who used the social media to transmit information regarding the election saying most of them were mischief makers.

“We always have mischief makers who will they have snatched ballot boxes, miscreants are trying to do this or they are trying to do that. It is not true. The election was peaceful. It was a very peaceful outing; people were orderly in the wards we went.

“Some were saying we have seen you physically today. This is how we should behave, if we continue like this, police will have little or no job to do. You can see, if I did not use such threatening words that if you shoot any of my policemen, I will shoot at as many as l can, people will not be afraid. It instilled fear in the people. Now we have succeeded. As far as I am concerned, people were very civilized. I appreciate everybody in Lagos, AIG Mbu said.

The AIG explained that people generally were becoming more matured and more sensitive, adding that the statement he made about his policemen was misconstrued.

“People were saying this man has come again, anything he says, he meant it. This instilled fear in them. Go and check all the places we went, how many people died, we don’t kill that way, but we have to instil fear, so that people will have more fear for the police. You know how police used to be in those days, but today, even if police give order, police stand there, people will say they are police, they will not do anything.”

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