Proprietor stresses need to stamp out exam malpractices

The proprietor of the Apostolic Faith Secondary School (AFSS), Emure Ekiti, Rev. Gabriel Oreoluwa Adesanya, has said there was the urgent need for collaborative efforts of all stakeholders to make examination malpractice a thing of the past in the country.

This is to make the certificates obtained from institutions of learning recognised ones.

According to Adesanya, both the federal and state governments should set up examination ethic marshals to halt the slide of morality in the various institutions of learning.

Adesanyan spoke at a news conference in Akure on the activities of AFSS, which was established in June 2007.

He noted that the school has since 2012 presented candidates for West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and other external examinations without any form of examination malpractice.

The proprietor stressed the imperative of the teaching of moral education to stamp out the bad habit of examination malpractice among students.

“Sending children to mission schools will add value to their upbringing as they will have faith in themselves and their creators. “The Apostolic Faith Secondary School in Emure Ekiti is well known for discipline and I enjoin parents and guardians to bring their wards to the school where they will have the best boarding facilities and resounding education.

“A parent who assists his or her child in examination malpractice is destroying the academic life of the child, the future of the society, the state and the nation in general,” he said.

Subjects taught in the school, he added, include science subjects with good laboratories, computer, music and technical education.

In his own contribution, a board member of the school, Mr. Sunday Otolorin Laleye, said “acquiring education is beyond certification. It has more to do with body of knowledge ingrained in the grey materials of the individual.

“A student is a worker in training and this is what parents and students that indulge in examination malpractice failed to realise”.

He said the campaign should in start with the primary school so that the young minds are taught the dangers of examination malpractice and by the time, they are in secondary school, it will be part of their daily living.

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