Mark Rules Out PDP From Next Senate Leadership

The outgoing Senate President, David Mark, on Thursday, at the last session of the 7th Senate, publicly took responsibility for any shortfall in the conduct of the upper parliament in the last four years.

Speaking at the valedictory session to mark the end of the Senate, Mark said that irrespective of his administration’s achievements within the period under review, the upper chamber regrettably didn’t attain some vital goals it set for itself.

Said he: “I and I alone take full responsibility for all omissions and commissions in the last four years during my tenure in office as President of the Senate but we all share in the glory and successes.

“Distinguished colleagues, whatever our achievements are, we are all well aware that we are yet to attain our goal. However, the 7th Assembly has laid a solid foundation which the 8th Assembly can build upon.”

Senate President, David Mark

Mark also accepted that the last four years have been defining for Nigeria in many respects, including the rise in insurgency and the ruthless mayhem unleashed on Nigerians by the Boko Haram sect.

He continued: “There is no doubt that the Boko Haram crisis exposed serious cracks in our security system, challenged our unity, threatened our future and seriously dented our international image.

“We considered and approved emergency rule when we thought it was needed and declined request for extension when we thought that such an extension could not stem the tide of terrorism and insurgency in the affected States.

“Happily, the Nigerian Armed Forces have made significant gains in the fight against insurgency.

“The security challenges we faced in the last four years were not restricted to terrorism but included political violence, extremism, communal conflicts, militancy in the Niger Delta, maritime insecurity and transnational crimes.”

While wishing his colleagues who will not be returning a successful career outside the legislature, he desired that the returning Senate will complete some of the projects he began such as the National Assembly that would have its own Radio, Television Stations and a Specialist Hospital.

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