‘How I Found Cure For Cancer, Stroke’


He has the calling of a pastor. Not only that, he has his own church he shepherds at Ajia, Egbeda Local Government, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Yet, he is so gifted that he cures Cancer and other ailments classified as terminal diseases with simple herbs.

The poser threw at him when he led our reporter to the site where he has his church and clinic was  that; can’t prayer and fasting rescued the victims at his clinic?

The Osi-Ekiti born Prophet Olusegun Oguntoyinbo wasted no time to respond thus: “Yes I am pastor. I have a church. I teach people the word of God but the same God manifests Himself in different ways. Prayer and fasting makes miracle happens.  In addition to that, God opens our eyes to other natural things in order to glorify his name.

“I am not in any way making reference to voodoo or incantation.  I inherited the knowledge I am using to cure ailments like stroke, epilepsy, cancer and others from my grandfather. Although, I attended seminary school and had relevant trainings as pastor, however, I discovered that what my grandfather taught me about cure for diseases was very potent.

“While I was at a Cherubim and Seraphim church many years, I was curing people with herbs, many people began to troupe into the church thinking we were performing miracles.  I made them to realise that all the knowledge we need to survive as a people are within reach.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am not fetish neither do I serve any secret god apart from the almighty. The Bible is very clear on the use of herb. Philip, a disciple of Jesus Christ was a physician. Today, I cure cancer, epilepsy, stroke and other diseases with ease using local herbs revealed to me sometimes in my dreams.

“What I am saying is that, when I pray God reveals to me several medicinal herbs. I challenge government and anybody suffering from any of the diseases I mentioned to test my expertise. I pity people sometimes out of their ignorance when I am told Nigerians were travelling to India and other countries for cancer treatment and at the end of the day, they don’t survive the health challenge.

“In my home here at Ajia, I have cured several Indians and other white men. They marveled at the quality of talents God has given us in Nigeria anytime they are here for treatment. God is the healer while my duty is to take care of anyone having challenges. I have visited countless countries but none of the environments is comparable to Nigeria.”

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