Reconciling Beer With Bravery


Life, no doubt, comes with challenges but people with uncommon courage have defied odds to achieve dreams and accomplishments. As human beings, we are confronted with situation that puts us in a fix but the unusual courage that epitomises that manly nature often times proved to be the saviour. Such qualities are seen demonstrated by men in different spheres and dimensions with the outcome highly astounding.

In line with the above message, Gulder, a brand under the stable of Nigeria Breweries, has introduced a new TVC campaign with a view to reinforcing the essence and far reaching benefits of bravery. According to one of the commercials, the man, Abiola Emmanuel,(not real name) was confronted with a dilemma as he was faced with either sitting back despite his excellent performance in the workplace or demanding promotion review in the same workplace.

But at the end, the story captures his brave act as he decided to go by the latter which eventually got him his deserved position.

In contrast, other stories in the TVC attempt to capture the timidity of men as exemplified in their approach to getting ladies’ attention either for marriage or relationship, a quality which does not represent the hallmark of a real man.

While Gulder is a brand which enjoys favorable appeal mainly from the men folk, the same cannot be said of Guinness, another brand that constitutes a major threat in the beer category, whose consumers cut across different ages, sexes and social classes. It must be stated that the commercial also helps to emphasise the target audience of the brand which some believed could undermine its strength in the marketplace.

Apart from the message of bravery, which the commercial tends to showcase, the advert also portrays the unique qualities of strength and intelligence, which are espoused in the brand idea of “there is a MAN in every man”.

However, on the contrary, it must be noted that challenges and circumstances sometimes can be different. That explains why some people overcome their challenges while others crash along the way.

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