LSBC Retirees Send SOS To Ambode

Pensioners of Lagos State Broadcasting Corporation, owners of Radio Lagos, Eko FM and Lagos State Television Service, have again sent a save our souls (SOS) message to the Lagos state Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, to save them from starvation and homelessness.

The Retirees, under the aegis of Retirees of Lagos State Broadcasting Association, said they have been languishing in poverty since living service and have continued to face hardship because the previous governor ignored all their calls to look into the issue.

According to the pensioners, the organisation had since 2013 stopped paying retirees gratuity due to paucity of funds.

Their situation, according to the spokesperson of the Retirees, who pleaded anonymity for fear of being witch-hunted, worsened by the provision of the new pension scheme which does not allow retirees to draw from their contributions, held by Pension Managers until the bond is released by the employers.

The spokesperson further stated that the LSBC’s financial situation took an unfavourable turn when in 2013, former Governor, Babatunde Fashola, cut the monthly subvention accrued to the Radio station from about N10 million to N2 million and further reduced it to N1.2million and N800, 000 for the Television station before he left office.

According to the Spokesperson, “Presently, the two stations struggle to pay salaries, living management to continually complain of lack of funds to settle retirees. Consequently, they repeatedly appealed to the former Governor, before he left office, but he turned deaf ears to their cries.”

Their files, the retirees said, since 2013, up till now is still gathering dust in the office of the Head of Administration, Mr. Shola Hassan, who they claimed has stubbornly refused to send the file to the Lagos State Pension Commission, despite continued appeal from the pensioners.

The retirees said they have remained unpaid for three years and have fallen on hard times due to the alleged deprivation of their dues by the Fashola government, which they said was why they have once again written to the present governor to come to their aid to save them from untold hardship.

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