Corruption : Cleric Urges Buhari To Fight On, Ignore Critics

A cleric, Pastor Chris Okafor, has urged President Muhammadu Behari to carry on with the fight against corruption in the country, regardless of the status of the culprits.

Okafor, who spoke in Lokoja on Wednesday, said the coming of Buahri was divine , urging Nigerians to forget their differences, pray for the president, and join hands with him to correct the ills plaguing the country.

The cleric, who is the Senior Pastor in charge of the Lagos- Liberation City, advised Nigerians not lose hope or despair, saying that God would use Buhari to restore the lost glory of Nigeria.

“ It is God that chose Buhari. It is not by tribe or religion; God has chosen Buhari and Nigerians must show understanding and pray for him to succeed,” Okafor said.

He urged the president to remain focused and selfless in the fight against corruption, regardless of the status of the culprits.

The cleric who said that he was in Lokoja for a three-day crusade of his ministry, also urged Nigerians to live in peace with one another (NAN)

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