Nigeria’s Economic Agenda Depends On Radical TVET Education – NBTE

The Executive Secretary of the National Board for Technical Education Board (NBTE), Dr. Mas’udu Kazaure, has stated in Lagos on Tuesday that the economic agenda of the present administration in the country can only be guaranteed through a radical change in the delivery of Technical and Vocational Education (TVE).

He said this in a keynote address to participants drawn from the polytechnic education sector at a 5-Day workshop on entrepreneurship for polytechnics and similar institutions in Nigeria, in collaboration with the Yaba College of Technology Consult.

The NBTE Executive Director said in the light of the new challenges his board had deemed it necessary to take a new bold initiatives to reform and rebrand the sector.

He lamented that Nigeria was facing unemployment crisis at a time of acute shortage of technical and vocational skills in the country, adding that the Federal Government through Ministry of Education had mandated all the tertiary education regulatory agencies to ensure an effective planning and implementation of entrepreneurship programme of education.

It is in the light of the foregoing that NBTE is taking new bold initiatives for reforming and rebranding the sector and setting out sound policies that will move technical and vocational education in Nigeria forward in the right direction.

Recalling the inadequacies of past of skill development effort to deal with new challenges, Dr. Kazaure stated that the new strategy would focus on relevant skills development as well as in general education and training.

“Thus the challenge is not merely of producing more skilled persons, but whether they are need by the economy. Today’s wars, cold or hot, are fought to secure defined boundaries and thus a home for the youth tomorrow,” he added.

Welcoming participants, Rector of the host institution YABATECH, Dr. Margret Ladipo, explained that the mandatory capacity building programme was designed for rectors, provosts, and coordinators of entrepreneurship development centres as a collective resolve to ensure effective management of entrepreneurship education in all TVET institutions.

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