Scores Of Ghost Workers Discovered In Osun

Scores of ghost workers have been detected in Osun State during the on-going operation show-your-certificate screening and verification exercise in the state.

Investigation conducted revealed that the verification and screening exercise is on-going and yet to be completed.

Scores of ghost workers were discovered in the local government, civil service, and teaching service in the state.

Another set of ghost workers were drawing salaries from the purse of the state but were actually living in Ibadan, Oyo State, and were not working for the money they were drawing from the state.

The operation show-your-certificate and verification screening exercise was reached between the labour movement and the state during the current unpaid salaries impasse when the wage bill presented by the state government was faulted.

The state government had claimed that the state workforce is about 35,000 and wage bill N3.6billion while the labour movement kicked against the figure, insisting that the state workforce was not up to that.

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