Nigeria Cannot Develop Amidst Insecurity -Lawmaker

The former special adviser to late president Umaru Musa Yar’Adua,  Hon. Ibrahim Zailani has said that no nation can thrive in an atmosphere of insecurity.

The former member of the house of Representatives who spoke in an interview in Abuja against the backdrop of the steps taken by president Muhammadu Buhari  at addressing the security situation in the country especially in the north east region commended president Buhari for his concern for the people of the region.

Hon. Ibrahim Zailani

Hon. Ibrahim Zailani

He regretted the security lapses that was allowed by the past administration that has plagued the country into the insecurity situation today  adding  that the sects group got the opportunity to throw bombs around killing innocent people,  stressing that with insecurity in the country, Nigeria cannot achieve any meaningful development.

According to the former lawmaker if security organization especially the military were adequately mobilized,  empowered and encouraged as being done by the present administration,  Nigeria as a nation would not have been thrown into an insecure country as experienced in the north east.

While challenging the military and other security agencies to synergize in order to compliment the effort of Buhari administration,  the legal luminary also admonished Nigerians to take the security situation in the country as an issue for all.

“ We must collectively join hands with the Buhari administration which is determined to curb the excesses  of the sects members as well as stamped out corruption from Nigeria” zailani contended.

“No country of the world can develop in crisis. The country’s security must work in harmony for the effective security of the nation”.

Taking a swipe on the level of corruption in Nigeria,  the constitutional lawyer regretted the action of some Nigerians who are trying to wind the hand of the present administration on the fight against corruption to have the interest of the country at heart and allow the president take the fight to a appreciable level.

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